We provide home based care equipment. Our range of quality products, ranging from blood sugar monitors to wound care products gives you a head start in your care.


Just in case you would rather have one of our professional care givers do the hard work for you, a simple chat or call will connect you with dedicated and efficient staff. We have a robust network of professionals in Wound Care, Elderly Care, and General Home Care.


Care giver and patient education stand at the fore front of our values. Because we want you to get the best you can out of your care, we equip you with the right knowledge to give you an edge.


Mums can shop our comprehensive birth preparedness kit. If you are considering a home birthing experience and need some help making informed decisions, we are here to answer your questions.


We have joined the designing and distribution of Personal Protective Equipment including Face masks, Gloves and Alcohol Based Hand Sanitizers at very affordable prices.


With REHYD® Diarrhea Care Kit, we designed a solution to the poor motivation to use Oral Rehydration Solutions to manage diarrhea in children.